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Betting on Tennis

Betting on Tennis

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Tennis tournaments run for most of the year, travelling to countries with warmer climates to keep the matches coming. The sport is filled with action-packed moments and tennis betting odds based on those, and this guide can lend a hand to new bettors.

Where to Place Tennis Bets Online: bet365

bet365 provides unparalleled mobile access and even streams tennis matches for free. Join bet365 and unlock up to £100 in Bet Credits to boost your initial stake.

How to Bet Online on Tennis

Tennis is a strongly represented pursuit among online sports betting websites, so you will not have to look far to find a strong destination. When you do, here is how to bet on tennis:

  • Join a sportsbook: The simplest step is to select the sign-up option and begin the process of setting up your new account.
  • Provide your details: The setup process will ask that you create a username and password. Then, you can advance to providing name, address, date of birth, and contact details.
  • Verify your age: UK sports betting sites are highly reputable and will often confirm a player’s age when they create their account. Most commonly, this is performed through entering credit card details, even if this will not be the payment method.
  • Claim the welcome offer: Online sportsbooks compete for users attention by providing welcome offers. View the latest offer and terms to decide whether you want to snag no deposit funds or a matched bet, depending on the site.
  • Place a wager: You can choose to spurn the welcome offer, but the betting funds might be useful. At this stage, you can go see the tennis section and identify which matches are coming up next and whom you wish to back.

Types of Tennis Bets Available

There are literally thousands of different thinks that can happen in a tennis match, and  you can certainly bet on many of them. Here is where you can be guided through the most common types of tennis betting.

General Types of Tennis Betting

Tennis betting sites offer a wide range of markets and different outcomes within those, but these are the standard options you will typically encounter:

  • Correct set score: In addition to backing the winner, you identify the set score they triumph with. For the most part, you can back 2-0 or 2-1, but the larger men’s tournaments like Wimbledon will also offer 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2.
  • Correct match score: The correct match score is simply whenever you back the player who wins the overall match.
  • Number of sets in match: This a bet where you will commonly be able to back whether there are under or over 2.5 sets played in the entire match.
  • Number of games in match: In this instance, you back over/under or within the thresholds for the number of total games in the entire match.
  • First set total games: Pick a level of games and then back under or over odds for the outcome you feel is most likely (e.g. under 10.5 games).
  • First set game score: Here, you are required to pick the exact first set game score for one of the competitors. For example, this could be 6-3 or 6-4 to the favourite.

Handicap Betting

To make matters interesting, a sportsbook will provide plus and minus scores in handicap betting. Most commonly, this will see punters back a favourite, but with a minus score attached to their performance. There is not much leeway for this approach when betting on sets, whereas this can work better for games.

Double Result Betting

In tennis, it can sometimes occur that a favourite will lose the first set because they didn’t succeed in the coin toss, while at other times they might begin sluggish by the latter stages of a tournament. You can take advantage by placing a double result bet where the player loses the first set, but ultimately wins the match.

Set Betting

This is where you bet on the total set score for a match. For example, you might believe that Andy Murray stands to beat a player like Milos Raonic, but the match is the semi-final of a major. Therefore, you have an inkling that Murray will win the match 3-2.

In-play Betting

Tennis matches can be extremely long affair with numerous twists and turns. When watching these spectacles, you can try to take advantage in different ways. For instance, a shift of momentum could lead to you fancying the underdog to win the next game, current set, or the entire match for handsome odds.

How Tennis Odds Work

At this stage, it has to be highlighted that New Casinos Online does not have access to the highly complex formulas and algorithms that are used to calculate the hundreds of different betting odds that are available in individual tennis matches. Nevertheless, the guide will aim to provide insight on the basics of how tennis odds work.

Single’s Example

In a single’s match between the world number three and the world number 12, the odds are going to be much shorter for the favourite. For example, the number three might only receive odds of 1.25, whereas the longer shot could deliver 9.00.

World rankings figure heavily in the calculation process, but online sportsbooks will also integrate factors such as recent form, playing surface, head-to-head results, tournament history, and any recent or long-term injuries that have occurred.

Match Outcomes Example

Tennis matches are designed by games and sets, meaning that there are numerous outcomes that can occur in addition to the overall result. Many tennis betting markets have already been explained, but this example will focus on explaining the odds that are available for set betting.

In the match between the number five and the number 12, the clear favourite will have improved odds when backing them to win at 2-0, with 2-1 being slightly longer. For instance, you might receive 1.80 on a 2-0 win, while 2-1 could be worth 4.00. Those odds will be much larger for any scenario where the long shot wins the match.

Other Factors to Consider in Tennis Betting

Before delving into the vast selection of free tennis betting tips offered online, it is important to realise that there are steps you can take to exert a greater level of control over the process. For starters, here are some factors that you can consider in your betting process:

  • Who is competing: Look at an upcoming tournament and scan through the male and female competitors. You can even look at the odds on potential tournament winners to see which are the most fancied.
  • Evaluate player strengths: Novak Djokovic has been superb on hard courts and grass courts, while Rafa Nadal has triumphed numerous times on clay. Consequently, it is always worth doing your homework and analysing the strengths of a player.
  • Latest form: The Australian Open is the first major at the start of the calendar year and serves as a useful barometer for identifying which players are starting in form. Ahead of majors, it is always vital to see how players are getting on.
  • Tournament history: Roger Federer dominated Wimbledon for year, and those who were early on his band wagon were handsomely rewarded for considering the Swiss player’s tournament history.
  • One vs. one record: Andy Murray has a history of struggling against elite players like Djokovic and Federer. Mentality is such as key part of tennis matches that it is difficult to overlook an encounter where one player consistently wins.
  • Understand the sport: Fans with a thorough understanding of tennis matches will be able to spot lucrative markets such as set betting and match betting. Backing the winners alone is tough, but betting on markets can be more consistent for returns.

Tips for New Tennis Bettors

There are always new factors to consider in tennis betting, no matter how small. At some point, however, you need to shut out those thoughts and focus on the basics:

  • Determine your budget: You must assign a clear budget for any fresh series of bets. Failing to do so could result in you chasing losses and losing track of your spending.
  • Identify a stopping point: Similarly, it is also important to pick a value of target winnings where you can stop, otherwise you might continue until it is all gone.
  • Start on small bets: First-time bettors should restrict the value of their bets while getting to learn the overall process of betting on tennis. This is a time when you should be learning rather than taking large and unknown risks.
  • Avoid in-play bets: Wait until you are even more experienced, as it requires a considerable amount of instantly accessible tennis knowledge to take full advantage and avoid a string of losses.
  • Remain calm and patient: You might have just endured a frustrating loss, but you should hold back from betting rashly and trying to recover the funds.

You might be new to tennis betting, but this guide will help you quickly get up to speed – just like the many other guides available here at New Casinos Online.

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Football Betting

Football Betting

Bet365 Casino Bet365 Casino – Claim Bonus Now!

Football is the type of sport where fans like to put their money where their mouth is, and what better way than to engage in online football betting? This guide will help you get up to speed with the basics of football betting.

Where to Place Sports Bets: bet365

At bet365, you start with up to £100 worth of matched betting bonuses. After signing up there, you can back daily matches from competitions hosted all over the globe – you will never be short on options.

How to Bet Online on Football

Online betting on football is an act that you can quickly begin to understand across different sites. Follow these easily digestible steps and you will be ready to start:

  • Create a user account: Start off by visiting an online sportsbook and selecting the options of making a new user account.
  • Provide your details: Your account will need to include email, password, address, date of birth, and other basic information.
  • Payment method: Details of your preferred payment method will be required for funding your account. In addition, it is quite common for a sportsbook to ask for credit card details to verify your age and identity.
  • Deposit offer: Visit the promotional section, if you have not already, and see what the welcome offer includes. Read the terms and follow the instructions exactly to receive bonus funds, matched bets, or some other perk.
  • Place a bet: Let’s say you want to back Liverpool to beat Tottenham away. Go to the football or soccer section of the site and view the competition list. Look for Premier League and then check the list to find the odds on Liverpool winning. You can then click on the outcome and stake your desired value.

The Top Football Betting Markets

There are numerous core markets containing a wide array of submarkets when enjoying football betting. Here, you will be able to find explanations of how these bets work. First, though, we must advise that you consider any player injuries and suspensions next to home and away form before staking on a possible outcome.


Home win, draw, and away win can be displayed as 1X2, respectively, and these are the single outcomes that you can back in trying to call a full-time result. The odds vary drastically, but typically you will encounter decimal odds of way below 2.00 when backing a home favourite. Meanwhile, a minnow might deliver anywhere from 5.00 to 10.00.


A multiple can include doubles (two), trebles (three), quads (four), or accumulators (five or more). This is where you combine multiple results to try and achieve collectively higher odds. And those odds can be drastically, with some unlikely ACCAs over return of hundreds or thousands to one, whereas a basic double might only yield 2.00 odds.

Double Chance

Double chance is a protective measure where you cover two outcomes for lower odds. For example, Liverpool winning could be worth 3.40, but would decrease to 1.80 for Liverpool or draw. However, this can be less risky and potentially more likely for an extremely close encounter.


This market lets you pick the results at half-time and full-time for potentially larger odds. For instance, Tottenham first-half and Liverpool second-half could yield 29.00 winning odds. Perhaps a first-half might end a tense draw before one team goes on to triumph in the second-half. Essentially, backing two outcomes can be much more rewarding.

Goals Over/Under

Sportsbooks will offer odds on a game having over or under a set value of goals, including 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc. Over or under 2.5 goals are the most common, with a more open game offering potentially lower odds (2.00) for there being under 2.5 goals.

Both Teams to Score

This is a simple yes or no question on whether or not both teams will score in a given game. With two attacking teams in a game, the sportsbook would believe it is less likely for the outcome to be no. As a result, the odds could end up being 2.50 for no, while yes could be 1.50.

Asian Handicap

An Asian handicap is a type of betting where players can attached negative or positive goals to a team prior to the result. The rationale for doing so is that you can receive better odds. For example, apply a negative goal to Real Madrid might improve the odds of them winning to 1.50 when playing a terrible opponent.

Correct Score

Correct score is the holy grail of football betting, alongside long lists of ACCAs, of course. Backing Liverpool to beat Tottenham is worth 3.40 odds in this example, but let’s say that you feel good about the Reds winning 2-1 away. In that case, backing a correct score of Liverpool could yield odds of 13.00 instead.

Goal Scorers

At times, you can stand to make impressive gains from betting on the goal scorers in a game. Backing the first goal scorer is a popular option, but you can also choose last scorer, anytime, or else two or more goals. Strikers receive lower odds, whereas midfielders can pay out handsomely. As an example, you might get odds of just 3.00 for Cristiano Ronaldo to score first.

Key Tips for Beginners

Thus far, there has been a wealth of helpful information, but this section will touch upon a selection of football betting tips to provide further insights. The following are some very helpful tips that you should consider instead of dodgy tips or betting systems:

  • Avoid the unknown: Competitions and betting markets are available in play and from all over the world. You might be itching to place a bet, but are you really likely to win from the second league tier in Venezuelan football?
  • Stay patient: This is a follow on from the previous point, but you really do have stay patient and focus on the competitions for which you possess the most information. Try reviewing the statistics of fixture list if you are having a difficult time waiting.
  • Don’t chase losses: In the event of a tough loss, the worst thing to do is chase an in play option or else the very next game. You will be acting irrationally and out of frustration, which is why you should take a step back and calm down instead.
  • Research matters: Never underestimate the power of being better informed. Man City delivered numerous high-scoring results during the 2016/17 Premier League season under Pep Guardiola, but a quick look at home and away form would have revealed that the Citizens were much less effective at home.
  • Exploit opportunities: Every season will throw up scenarios where teams struggle at home or away. Always make sure to check the home and away form, as there might be some very solid opportunities that you could miss out on otherwise.
  • Consider the alternatives: You might want to pick the full-time winner, but a close match-up between Man Utd and Liverpool might be too tough to call. For this reason, you should instead look to alternative betting markets, such as over/under, both teams to score, and various others.
  • Avoid the ACCA furore: Backing ACCAs is like getting involved with scratch cards. Fans love seeing the inflated odds for backing 10 or more results, but the chances of them winning are extremely slim. To win frequently, you are better off focusing on a smaller selection of results where you can analyse all of the stats.
  • Signup specials: When joining a new site, you can take advantage of tremendous special odds that are inflated compared to standard levels. For example, you might be offered a small £1 bet on Man City to win at home versus a team like Stoke City.

Global Football Matches for UK Players

UK soccer is the dominant category at many football betting sites, but players can extend their scope further afield. These are some of the geographic areas on which to focus:

  • International tournaments: These are much less frequent than UK leagues, with the European Championships and World Cup running every four years.
  • Champions League: Europe’s ultimate club competition is one of the most difficult to win on the face of the planet. This elite level of competition features stronger teams and outcome can be difficult to call.
  • Europe: Outside of the UK, there are many great leagues to back. Spain features two dominant teams in Real Madrid and Barcelona, while Bayern Munich frequently dominate in Germany.
  • Asia: China is aggressively developing the size of its league, while Australia remains a viable option, but up-to-date injury details can be difficult to come by.
  • North America: Major League Soccer is a viable competition where fading stars from Europe can shine a little longer. However, the system of drafting players can make it challenging to pick winners.
  • South America: Brazil and Argentina are two countries that offer competitive leagues and club competitions. Meanwhile, the Copa Libertadores is the South American equivalent of the Champions League.

Football betting offers another yet way of enjoying your favourite sport. Just make sure to follow our advice and make sound, rational wagers.

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About 7Sultans Casino

Established in 1999, 7Sultans have a strong foothold in the online gaming world. They’ve maintained their success by making good use of Microgaming software and an excellent attention to detail when it comes to the player experience.

With a hefty 400+ games to choose from and new games being added all the time, there is something to suit any gamer’s tastes. Online slot fans will find such choices as Game of Thrones, Lucky Leprechaun, Jurassic Park, Avalon II, The Dark Knight and Thunderstruck II. They also offer blackjack, roulette, video poker, craps and keno for lovers of table games.

Part of the trusted Fortune Lounge Group, 7Sultans are licensed and regulated by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority and eCOGRA, ensuring the highest standards of online gaming.

They may not have been born yesterday but their array of playing options and enhanced casino experience keep them competitive against even the newest entries into the casino market. Every time we visit 7Sultans we always come away satisfied! Try them out today.

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7Sultans Casino Quick Facts


Mobile Casino: Yes

Play in Kiwi Dollars: Yes

Withdrawal time: 24-48 Hours

Proof of Fair Play: Yes

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Euro Palace: 10 Free Spins No Deposit Required!

Euro Palace: 10 Free Spins No Deposit Required!

Sign up for a new player account at Euro Palace and 10 free spins are all yours to play on Castle Builder 2!

Calling all online casino fans, Bonus Giant are delighted to present you with all-time great Microgaming casino Euro Palace. Since their opening in 2010, this casino hasn’t looked back! Hosting top name titles and only the fairest of game odds.

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Europalace casinoEuro Palace Casino Review

Roll out the red carpet and step on into the brilliantly produced Euro Palace Casino. A quick look at this casino and you can see the professionalism straight away. With a grand palace theme, creatively designed user interface and several well-placed casino categories, navigating through the extensive list of casino game titles is straightforward and quick! Available as download or play straight through your browser or mobile device.

Euro Palace Casino ensures fair gaming and no funny business. Supported by eCOGRA, an independent standards authority, all aspects of this casino are regulated for fairness. They are also licensed by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority so must adhere to some of the strictest regulations in online gaming. You’ll receive brilliant customer support from a highly trained team that operate around the clock. You can enjoy all the fun hassle and worry free!

Depositing in Dollars? No problem! At Euro Palace you can do so via Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, POLi, EcoCard, EntroPay, Paysafe Card, Trustly, Abaqoos, UNET, Przelewy24, eKonto, Ewire, iDeal, Euteller and bank draft. You can deposit in several currencies check the Euro Palace website for further details.

Pokies and Games at Euro Palace

The gaming selection is second to none with Microgaming software throughout, you’ll see that the standard of all the casino varieties on offer are exceptional. Discover many of the biggest named pokie titles online such as Golden Princess, Game of Thrones, Avalon II, Jurassic Park, Sun Tide, Pretty Kitty, Thunderstruck II and Golden Era.  

europalace screenshot

You can also find equally popular table games with the highest quality variations of table classics: Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and Roulette. The choice caters for every budget from casual gamers to high rollers. A top selection with top entertainment value, just what we like!

Euro Palace Bonus Offer

We are excited to bring you this opportunity to score 10 Free Spins No Deposit  on sign-up. You will also receive an extra 20 Free Spins on each of your next two deposits.

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Euro Palace Casino Quick Facts


Mobile Casino: Yes

Play in Kiwi Dollars: Yes

Withdrawal time: up to 72 Hours

Proof of Fair Play: Yes

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Betclic Gambling: 100% Deposit bonus in to $250

Betclic Gambling: 100% Deposit bonus in to $250

Join Betclic today and enjoy a double money welcome bonus worth up to $ 200 when you make a first-time deposit! It will come in pretty handy when you are working your way through their extensive games collection!

Casino fans will love the choice of games available at Betclic. They feature slots and casino games from some of the industry’s most renowned suppliers including Microgaming and NetEnt!

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Betclic Casino welcome bonus

About Betclic Casino

Betclic has been around for over ten years. You may have known them previously as Betclick, but they decided to kick the ‘k’ into touch, and we quite like the results!

The casino is a one-stop shop for any gambling fan. They have not only a vast choice of slots but also a well-stocked roster of casino games, downloadable poker software, a sportsbook and a live casino. What more could a player need? Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, Quickspin, Genesis Gaming, Thunderkick and Evolution Gaming provide the software so already you know you are in for a quality gambling session!

Despite a large amount of content, the designers have done an excellent job of creating a slick and user-friendly casino. The site works well on any device and once registered you can log in on your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Betclic Casino welcome bonus

The casino is supported by a strong customer support service which can be accessed 24/7 via live chat and email. Players can also enjoy a wealth of promotions including cash back and free spins bonuses. Just for playing certain games you can get a 5% bonus back plus there is 10% on your favourite games or how about getting a $ 10 bonus for top NetEnt slot Gonzo’s Quest? Just play 50 rounds on the game on a Monday, and the bonus is yours! Now that will really beat the Monday blues!

Slots and Games at Betclic Casino

We mentioned that Betclic has got a broad range of gambling products including a downloadable poker client and sports book but for the purposes of this review we have honed in on their casino games and live games to give you a flavour of what to expect.

The casino games collection features over 400 titles, and everything is perfectly organised to make your life easier. They have filtered and categorised every which way so whether you are looking for Jackpots, Arcade Games or Top Table Games, you’ll be able to locate them quickly.

For the slot fans out there here is just a snapshot of the types of games you can expect to find at Betclic: Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Shangri-La Cluster Pays, Crystal Queen, Guns ‘N Roses, Riviera Riches, Thunderstruck and Immortal Romance. That’s just the start though as you’ll also have access to some of the biggest jackpots around including Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and Arabian Nights.

Fancy something a little more traditional? Betclic has got your back with their impressive collection of table games. Enjoy over 40 classic games including multiple versions of roulette, blackjack and baccarat plus heaps of great video pokers including Joker Wild, Jacks or Better and All American Poker. Players can also head to the live casino for a real casino buzz. Go head to head with real-life dealers and other players in a game of Live Casino Hold’em or Three Card Poker. There are nearly 50 live games with varying table limits so you can always find one to suit your budget.

Claim Your Welcome Bonus

Betclic Casino welcome bonus

New players can enjoy this double money bonus when they sign up to Betclic Casino and make a qualifying deposit. Simply register your new account by filling out the quick form and deposit from $ 20 to qualify. Betclic will then match your deposit 100% up to $ 200!

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Bonus Terms

  • This welcome package is exclusive to new Betclic customers
  • One per household, per IP address
  • A minimum deposit of $ 20 is required to qualify
  • Wagering requirements are set to 40x
  • Please note that some games may contribute differently towards wagering
  • General bonus terms and conditions apply
  • Players must be over 18 years old to register at Betclic Casino

Betclic Casino Quick Facts

Date Established: 2005

Mobile Casino: Yes

Customer Support: Live Chat, Email

License: Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Software Providers: Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, Quickspin, Thunderkick, Genesis Gaming, Evolution Gaming

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Make sure you are aware of gambling regulations in your country of residence and ensure you are not playing from a restricted country before you register at Betclic Casino.

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Jumpman Gaming Casinos

Jumpman Gaming Casinos

We’re hearing an awful lot about Jumpman Gaming casinos these days, as it seems they’re launching new brands on a regular basis. If you want to find out if these sites are worth your while then look no further than our gaming guide below.

Best Jumpman Gaming Casinos

Before we go right into the details, we’ll start with some great sites from Jumpman Slots that you can try out today:

Top Dog Slots

Top Dog Slots Casino offers a up to 500 free spins on your first deposit!

[Read Full Review] See website for terms and conditions.

UK players only
Click to Play

Lucky Admiral Casino

Join the fleet! Lucky Admiral gives you a chance to spin & win up to 500 FREE spins!

[Read Full Review] See website for terms and conditions.

UK players only
Click to Play

Terms and conditions apply to all advertised offers, you can find out more on their sites.

Who are Jumpman Gaming?

So let’s get down to brass tacks, who are the people behind Jumpman Casinos? They started out specialising in bingo, with their successful 15 Network and Wheel of Slots Network. As the onus of the market started to shift from bingo to slots, so too did the focus of these developers.

They’re really unique in that their networked offers are amazing, so even if the sites are similar they’re offering a lot more excitement than your average slot site. They’re constantly switching things up too, so there’s always something new to take part in or explore with their sites.

What Bonuses Can I Expect To Get On Jumpman Sites?

Now that you’re acquainted with who runs Jumpman Casino sites, let’s move onto their regular offers. Some of their best include:

  • The Mega Reel – This is the welcome offer for these sites, deposit £10 or more and you’ll be able to spin this reel for prizes. When it stops you can look out for prizes like £10 Amazon vouchers and 500 free spins.
  • Reloads – On subsequent deposits, players are able to unlock the Mega Reel again or deposit more for a spin of the Turbo Reel. On the latter, the prizes are bigger and you won’t leave empty handed with either.
  • VIP Scheme – The more you play here, the more points you’ll collect within their VIP scheme. As you move through these levels, you will get better rewards like free spins and exclusive offers.
  • Spinathon – A regular networked slot tourney, there are some big prizes to be won in the weekly Spinathon. It’s a fantastic way to win some serious cash, just by playing on your favourite slots.

These are all networked offers, though some sites choose to add more to their promotions section. Just a peek here will show you exactly what these sites have to offer, we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Top Slots on Jumpman Sites

If you’re raring to play some slots with these casino sites, then you can’t go wrong spinning the following ones:

  • Shaman’s Dream – A fantastic game from Eyecon, this game has a mystical, Native American theme. It will be sure to reward you with some amazing jackpots as the bonus features can really change your fortunes.
  • Immortal Romance – This Microgaming classic takes you deep into the lair of the vampires to play for your jackpots. Fill up the bar under the reels and you can pick from four different free spins features, each themed on one of the characters on the reels.
  • Koi Princess – As far as Asian inspired slot games go, we can’t get enough of this one. It has a total of eight bonus features, with free spins and random multipliers making their way onto the reels.
  • Fluffy Too Jackpot – If you’re hunting down a progressive jackpot then this version of the Fluffy Too game will have you winning big. There are a total of three large jackpots in this game, just cross your fingers and hope that you’re a winner.

Jumpman Vs Other Providers

There are so many casino providers out there, so we thought we’d assess what makes Jumpman better or worse than them:

  • Versus NetEnt Casinos – There are some sites out there that exclusively boast NetEnt games, but to be honest we prefer the mix of games that are offered by Jumpman Sites. You’re not limited to just one developer and instead you can look out for the latest from a variety of them. For those that just want to play games by NetEnt, these may offer a better choice.
  • Versus Playtech – There are many Playtech sites out there and they own some of the most well-known ones too. Jumpman games has a cosier feel and all of their sites have a theme that really put them on the map. While Playtech sites do offer value for money, they don’t have the thrill of the Mega Reel on their side.

Get online with Jumpman Gaming sites and you’ll get all these perks and more! Check out our reviews for more information on a variety of their sites.

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Mr SuperPlay: 20 Spins as well as a Casino bonus on set about $1000!

Mr SuperPlay: 20 Spins as well as a Casino bonus on set about $1000!

Mr SuperPlayCasino has 25 Free Spins and an outstanding welcome bonus for new depositing players. Sign up and claim £1000 in Match Bonuses!

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Mr SuperPlay Casino Review

This casino brings you hundreds of superb online slots and casino table games from the best providers including Net Entertainment, 1X2gaming, Blueprint Gaming, ELK Studios, Microgaming, NextGen, NYX, and Thunderkick. The selection is as good as you would expect from a ProgressPlay powered brand.

mr superplay welcome bonus

The games play perfectly smoothly on any device, so mobile and tablet players will be happy here. You can sign up and be playing in a few seconds right in your browser, no downloads or apps or anything like that to worry about. The whole thing runs great and the style of the casino is cool too. All the classics are here: Foxin’ Wins, Starburst, Tombraider, Gonzo’s quest and Piggy Riches. They also have to brand new Progressplay games here. These include: Fairytale Legends, Panda PowJungle Spirit and Turning Totems!

We like our casinos to be UK Gambling Commission licensed so it’s a great relief to see that presented up front alongside the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) logo. Those are pretty much the best guarantees of fair-play and security you can find in this business.

How to claim your Spins & Welcome Bonus!mr superplay welcome bonus

Sign up and register at Mr Superplay for a chance to claim 25 Free Spins and an amazing welcome package worth up to £/$ /€1000

Register – Register on MrSuperPlay. Verify and activate your account from registered email.
Deposit – Enter the deposit code: “SL25” on 1st deposit
Play – 25 Free Spins on “Shangri La” & a 100% deposit bonus up to £/$ /€200



  • 1st deposit gives you 100% in bonus up to 200
  • 2nd deposit gives you 25% in bonus up to 300
  • 3rd deposit gives you 50% in bonus up to 500

Get these bonuses TODAY!

Ts & Cs

  • Over 18s Only
  • This Free Spins offer is valid for new depositing players, from October 1, 2017 to November 30, 2017 23.59 GMT and is valid only once per account.
  • Minimum deposit is £/$ /€ 10
  • Deposit code must be used to get Free Spins
  • Wager requirement is set to 50X the Bonus amount before any withdrawal
  • Free Spins is valid for 7 days and bonuses from Welcome Package is valid 90 days from receipt
  • Subject to Mr Superplay’s full Bonus Policy

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New Betting Sites

New Betting Sites

If you’re ready to branch out from simply playing on casino games, then new betting sites might just be the answer. By wagering on your favourite sports, you can have an even better time while you watch them. Check out our complete guide to using these sites here.

Best Betting Site

Bet365 Casino

Topping the charts of betting sites for us is Bet365. This reputable and established sport betting site always has great odds and a range of in play options. They even match your first deposit for double the fun.

[Read Full Review] See website for terms and conditions.

Click to Play

Top tip – Check out the T&Cs of any site before you play.

Should you opt for Brand new or Reputable sites?

As you peruse the offerings from new sports betting sites 2018 and beyond, you may find yourself wondering if these really are the best for you. It’s always a bit of a toss-up when it comes to picking new or reputable sites, as they both have their own positive aspects. Here’s a quick rundown:

New Sites

  • May offer larger bonuses to entice new players.
  • Can have up to date tech that’s better than older sites.
  • May have more innovative offers to help them stand out.

Established Sites

  • Generally more trustworthy and safer to play on.
  • Loads of matches and sports covered.
  • Dedicated customer service and support teams that are experienced.
  • Can still offer innovative and large bonuses if you shop around.
  • Frequently updated to make sure their tech is cutting edge.

Bonuses on New Betting Sites

One of the best things about wagering on a new site is that you can generally get a free bet or bonus. Some sites opt to offer a single free bet with a set worth, rather than a percentage of what you pay in. This gives them a bit more control, as the terms associated are more explicit as to what you can do with the bet.

Hunting for the Best Bonuses

Here are our tips for finding the best bonuses from sports betting sites, new and established:

  • Weigh up all the factors – If you’re getting an enhanced bonus from a site, then double check that everything else on the site is up to scratch too. If they have shoddy odds or charge commission then your bonus won’t be much consolation.
  • Read the fine print – If it’s near impossible to turn your free bet into cash then it’s not really worth too much. The fine print of a site can really let you in on whether it’s worth it or not for you to claim their bonus.
  • Check out reviews – By visiting review sites like ours, you don’t have to do all the legwork on checking into new sites. Instead, all the information that you need on the bonuses is all in the one place for you.

The Impact of New Laws on Sports Betting

New sports betting sites UK are subject to all sorts of laws, one of which is a tax on the bonuses that they give out. This was implemented in late 2017, so as time goes on we may find that fewer sites are willing to offer large bonuses without a commitment. If you still take the above tips on board, you’ll still be able to get value for money though.

Signs that a New Site is Trustworthy

Look for the following aspects of a new site to make sure it’s trustworthy:

  • A valid UK Gambling license
  • A good reputation with other players
  • Sponsorship deals and accreditations can also help to make bettors feel more at ease

This has to be taken on a case by case basis, if you’re getting bad vibes from a site then we’d suggest that you go ahead and play somewhere else.

Safe Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

If you want to safeguard your identity, then you can also look for sites that accept the following safe payment methods:

  • PayPal – This payment method is super common and easy to use, which means it tops the charts for us. As long as you’ve got an account set up it will only take you seconds to place your bet and get right back to the action.
  • Paysafecard – Good for making sure you’re details can’t be hacked, just buy one of these vouchers and then redeem them on your account. It’s a bit more time consuming overall but there’s no way of your card details going walk about.
  • Pay by Mobile – It’s possible to just add the amount of your payment to your monthly mobile phone bill with this method. With just a text, you’ll be ready to play and your account will be funded to allow you to do so.

While it’s great to bet online, just make sure you’re covered from a security standpoint. Then you won’t need to worry while you snap up bonuses and win big.

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New Casinos Online!

Cherry Jackpot: New Casino with 200% Match Bonus!

Cherry Jackpot: New Casino with 200% Match Bonus!

This HUGE welcome bonus is worth up to a massive $ 20,000! With each of your first ten deposits, you will receive a 200% match bonus worth up to $ 2000!

Cherry Jackpot Casino has got one of the biggest welcome packages for new players which continues throughout your first TEN DEPOSITS! Read on to find out more.

Get 10 x 200% Bonuses Now!

cherry jackpot casino 200About Cherry Jackpot Casino

Cherry Jackpot Casino is a lovely looking casino boasting a broad range of games, 24/7 live support and heaps of fantastic player promotions. A quick look around is all it takes to become pretty taken with this casino. We have been enjoying their vast choice of games, and to be honest, it’s been hard to tear ourselves away to write this review!

Firstly the design is clear and simple but still manages to look pretty striking. It works seamlessly on any device so you’ll be able to enjoy all the games on the go too. They are secure and reliable and feature games from a reputable supplier so you can be assured you are getting a fair game here. The casino is licensed by Curacao eGaming.

Cherry Jackpot Casino is powered by Real Time Gaming, so there are plenty of exciting games to get stuck into. If you need any further encouragement how about Cherry Jackpot’s daily promotions? They have something different each day, so it’s well worth paying them a visit. Check out Feel the Rush Wednesdays where you’ll receive a 100% bonus on slots. Or Wet your Appetite Thursday where you’ll get a 60% bonus plus 20 bonus spins! There are so many reasons to keep coming back again and again!

If you want to get started right away, you can register in minutes and make a deposit using any of the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard, EcoPayz, Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin. No fees will be applied by Cherry Jackpot Casino but check with your payment vendor as there may be charges for carrying out a transaction. Minimum deposit amount is $ 35.

If you have any questions about making a deposit or anything casino related or that matter, then you can always count on great support at Cherry Jackpot Casino. Get in touch 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Their instant live chat, email and toll-free telephone support are at your disposal whenever you need assistance.

Slots and Games at Cherry Jackpot Casino

The games at Cherry Jackpot Casino are powered by Real Time Gaming. You’ll need to download the casino software to access the games, but once that’s done, you’ll have them at a moment’s notice whenever you fancy a spin.

There is a great selection of slots available covering all manner of fun themes. They feature random bonuses and features that will keep you entertained for hours We like Crazy Vegas, Cash Bandits, Ghost Ship. Football Frenzy and Coyote Cash! Progressive games include Megasaur, Aztec’s Millions and Spirit of the Inca are also available!

cherry jackpot slots

A fantastic feature of this casino is their video poker collection. There are dozens of exciting games to choose from, so if you are a fan of poker, then it’s well worth checking out. Other table games include blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps.

Claim Your Welcome Bonus

Cherry Jackpot Casino is offering new players the chance to earn up to $ 20,000 over their first ten deposits! This incredible bonus keeps on giving and giving and giving!

When you register a new casino account and opt into the bonus using bonus code CHERRY200 you will receive a 200% match bonus each time you deposit! Cherry Casino will triple what you deposit each time for the first ten times so why not start right now?

Get 10 x 200% Bonuses Now!

Bonus Terms

  • Available to new Cherry Casino players only
  • Bonus code CHERRY200 must be used
  • Minimum deposit required
  • Wagering requirements are set to 30x
  • Games excluded from wagering requirements: Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Sic Bo and War
  • There is no maximum cashout however if a successful withdrawal has been made the welcome bonus will be discontinued
  • Terms and conditions apply

Cherry Jackpot Casino Quick Facts

Date Established: 2017

Mobile Casino: Yes

Customer Support: Yes

License: Curacao eGaming

Software Providers: Real Time Gaming

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Make sure you are aware of gambling regulations in your country of residence and ensure you are not playing from a restricted country before you register at Cherry Jackpot Casino.

Get 10 x 200% Bonuses Now!

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