How it is that the Casino blackjack game Professionals have to cope with Success and failure Highlights

How it is that the Casino blackjack game Professionals have to cope with Success and failure Highlights

All professional blackjack players suffer winning and losing streaks at the tables. While every pro invokes strategy to gain an advantage, they don’t all handle streaks in the same manner, but there is a general consensus that amateurs can take a solid example from.

How to Handle Blackjack Winning Streaks

Blackjack Winning and Losing StreaksIf you’ve spent any time studying the strategic side of bankroll management at the blackjack tables, you know that it’s important to set betting limits, as well as a profit goal for each session. In the following examples, we’ll be using a bet limit of $ 10-$ 30 ($ 10 being the low-end, and $ 30 the high), and a profit goal of $ 300.

Winning streaks are every blackjack players dream. When you’re on a roll, you want to be betting your maximum limit of $ 30 on each hand. This will obviously get you to your profit goal faster.

Don’t be discouraged by one or two losses. When you’re hot, you’re hot, especially when the count is in your favor, so make the most of it. If you lose three in a row, however, it may be time to drop back down to the $ 10 low-end bet (see How to Handle Blackjack Losing Streaks below).

The real goal is to reach your win ceiling. But once you do, there’s a big question to be answered. Do you play on, or take your winnings and walk away?

The answer is dependent on the current temperature of the table. If you’re in the midst of a heated winning streak, you may want to stick around for a bit. If that’s the case, it’s time to set a new, higher profit goal. In doing so, you may want to increase your bet limits as well.

Most professional blackjack players who choose to stay at the table will boost their high-end betting limit by 50%, which would mean jumping from $ 30 to $ 45 bets per hand. But only do this if the table is super hot. Otherwise, continue with the original bet limit and take what you can before the table cools down, or simply walk away with a smile and a few extra hundred bucks in your pocket.

How to Handle Blackjack Losing Streaks

Cold tables are no fun, but they are something every blackjack pro has to deal with from time to time. If you find yourself on a losing streak, tighten up on your bankroll and start posting bets at the minimum $ 10.

What constitutes a losing streak? Most blackjack pros will tell you that three losses in a row is a bad sign. At that point, decreasing the bet size can do wonders to preserve your session.

Think about this. If you’re betting $ 30 a hand, and lose 5 hands in a row, you’re out $ 150. By reducing the bets to $ 10, you’ll only be out $ 50.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to stand up and take a breather. If you lose 5 hands in a row, it’s time to take a break. Don’t worry about losing your spot at the table. You can always ask the dealer to mark you up, saving your seat for when you return (so long as you’re not gone too long, of course).

Taking a walk around for a few minutes will not only give the table time to heat back up, it will help you stay calm and collected; an imperative part of any good blackjack strategy.


Indiana $4k Blackjack winner’s luck runs out, Robbed by Co-worker

Indiana $4k Blackjack winner’s luck runs out, Robbed by Co-worker

Tales of friendly romps at the casino can get pretty outrageous, especially when they come out of Las Vegas, but one story out of America’s heartland is spinning a web of reprehensible deceit. Police in Lake County, Indiana are on a manhunt after hearing the tale of two co-workers who visited the blackjack tables; one becoming a winner, the other an alleged thief.

According to court records, 24 year old Joshua Ulysseus Redmond of Gary, Indiana has been accused of most traitorous acts of criminal behavior. If convicted of the alleged crime against his co-worker and supposed friend, Redmond could face anywhere from 3 to 16 years in state prison.

The blackjack winner robbed by Redmond, henceforth known as “the victim”, remains unnamed in the incident. He relayed his version of the story to local police as follows.

According to the Blackjack Winner turned Victim…

Blackjack Winner accuses Co-worker of RobberyOn the evening of July 1st, Redmond and the victim, who were both employed as card dealers at the Majestic Star Casino in Gary, met up at the Ameristar Casino on Chicago’s East Side to enjoy a bit of gambling, just as the two had done on several previous occasions.

According to the victim, at around midnight that night, he and Redmond were seated at the blackjack tables. While he was on a hot streak, Redmond wasn’t having the best of luck, and was apparently spending the majority of his time talking on his cell phone.

By the time they prepared to leave the casino, the victim had racked up $ 4,000 in blackjack winnings. He offered his co-worker a ride home, as was the norm for these two when gambling together at the Ameristar, and Redmond accepted.

The drive home from East Chicago to Gary would normally take only about 15 minutes, but while in route, Redmond convinced his co-worker to make a pit stop at his cousin’s house under the pretense of helping to fix a fan. Upon arrival at the address indicated, Redmond pulled out his cell phone and made another call.

After a few minutes, a heavy-set man approached the car and struck up a conversation. Moments later, he reached into the car and gripped the victim by his throat with one hand, brandishing an black semi-automatic handgun with the other. The gunman pointed the weapon at the victim and demanded all of his money.

The victim immediately retrieved $ 100 and handed it to the mugger, but it soon became obvious that that the robbery was a set-up when the gunman responded, “I know you have more than that.” Reaching into the victim’s pocket, he grabbed the $ 4,000 in casino winnings and took off running.

To make his co-worker’s perfidious involvement in the crime all the more evident, the victim told police that Redmond quickly exited the vehicle and took off running with the armed robber.

Joshua Ulysseus Redmond failed to return to work at the Majestic Star Casino the following day, or any day thereafter, and was subsequently fired.

Lake County Court Judge Diane Boswell issued a warrant for Mr. Redmond’s arrest on July 9, 2015. He has been charged with “armed robbery”, a level 3 felony offense that carries a penalty of 3 to 16 years in prison.


Misconceptions make the Blackjack World Go Round for Casinos

Misconceptions make the Blackjack World Go Round for Casinos

By nature, blackjack players love a challenge. So here’s a challenge for you. Open another browser (don’t leave this page, that would just be silly), go to Google and search the term ‘blackjack strategy’. If you’re results are anything like mine, you’ll find there are approximately 30,700,000 results.Misconceptions in Blackjack Strategies

Unfortunately, so many people divulging their opinions on what makes a good blackjack player is contributing to the vast number of misconceptions associated with the game.

Yes, there are some great blackjack strategists out there who are sharing their knowledge with the world, and should be commended for their efforts. But the sad fact is, the majority of them are just posting crap they know nothing about to increase their volume of visitors.

With that in mind, I’d like to share some of the most common misconceptions that blackjack players are erroneously taking hold of.

Misconceptions about Blackjack Books

Since Edward Thorpe authored his best-selling novel Beat the Dealer in 1962, blackjack guides have been published by the hundreds. I’m not saying you shouldn’t read them—you should!—but be selective in your purchases.

Blackjack books can be a phenomenal learning tool and should be employed by every serious player of the game. Reading an outdated guide, however, can be disastrous.

Take for example renowned blackjack writer Arnold Snyder. He’s published multiple books detailing how to win at winning blackjack, but the most famous among them is The Blackjack Formula (1980). The book is no longer in print, and will run you $ 90+ on Amazon for an old copy.

Should you buy it? Absolutely not!

Arnold himself called it “obsolete” material. “They’re not obsolete because they’re inaccurate,” said Snyder, “but because casino blackjack games have changed radically in the thirty-plus years since these books were written…”

Instead, serious players should be seeking out more current publications like Snyder’s ‘The Big Book of Blackjack’, or for online players, ‘How to Beat Internet Casino and Poker Rooms’.

History Does Not Repeat Itself

In the game of poker, players have been known to fall in love with specific hands, even if they’re not good ones. Doyle Brunson, for example, won two consecutive WSOP Championships (1976-77) with a measly hand of 10-2. Obviously, he’s loved the hand ever since. But every proper blackjack strategy is ruled by probabilities, not favorite hands.

Too many players get stuck on a past situation being profitable, and continually make mistakes in hopes that history will repeat itself. If you want consistent results, stick to your blackjack strategy chart, period.

Bad Bets: Insurance & Surrender

There are blackjack strategies that will tell you Insurance is a side bet worth making in the right situation. However, the only time a “right” situation will come along is when you have a solid count of the cards and can predict that a dealer blackjack is the likely outcome.

There’s a similar theory about surrendering to fold your hand and reclaim half your bet. Many blackjack players simply refuse to surrender, no matter what, because to surrender is a guaranteed loss. However, depending on the rules of the game and visible cards on the table, surrendering can be the most appropriate option. Again, stick to the strategy chart for the game you’re playing, and if it says to surrender the hand, swallow your pride and do it.


Special Treatment for High Rollers Damaging Integrity of Casino Games

Special Treatment for High Rollers Damaging Integrity of Casino Games

I’ve been playing at casinos for many years now, and by no means would I consider myself a high roller. I’ve received a few enticing comp offers in my day. A free buffet lunch here, a nominal gift card to the souvenir shop—but nothing like the stories we often hear, such as comped suites that would cost the average Joe a few weeks’ pay. But when it comes to preferential treatment from the casino staff, how far is too far?

Irate High Rollers getting Special Treatment from CasinosI once personally witnessed a high-betting individual screaming vehemently at a lovely young dealer. The irate gambler had lost eight consecutive $ 1,000 bets, and was absolutely certain that the dealer was cheating him.

After verbally berating her with every four letter word in the book, and actually attempting to pick up his seat and throw it at her (thankfully, like most things in a classy casino, it was bolted down), the pit boss came over. I thought yes, it’s about time – you’ll tell this s.o.b. he needs to get out and stay out. But that isn’t what happened at all.

Instead, as the fuming player continued (somewhat more quietly) to call the dealer a cheat while praising the pit boss who he was certain was about the fire her, the floorman instead whispered something in her ear. She nodded slowly and, as I watched this unfold, saw her eyes dart once to the infuriated customer, then back down again before walking quietly away from the table.

A new dealer arrived, a stately young gentlemen who immediately greeted the unceremonious 4-figure bettor before setting up a new shoe of cards and calling for bets. The next thing I know, the lovely young dealer returns with a bright smile, only to deliver a plate of macadamia nuts and a bottle of some foreign brand of alcohol I’d never seen before to the not-so-gentlemen who’d verbally assaulted her only moments before.

This may be the only comparable scenario I’ve experienced, but such incidents—and worse—are taking place at casinos all the time. These guests are rarely denied even the most ridiculous of requests, such as a mini-fridge filled with their favorite fruit to be placed next to their seat.

Aside from being annoying, inane requests and angry outburst don’t really affect the rest of the players at the tables. What’s worse is when they are allowed to get away with breaking the rules, like placing late bets at the blackjack table, which is clearly against the rules.

The frequency of such objectionable behavior came to light recently when a pit boss by the name of Maria DeGiacomo sued Mohegan Sun for wrongful dismissal after being accused of aiding a high roller in cheating. While she admitted to allowing the high-rolling regular (pro golfer Mathew Menchetti whose reportedly lost over $ 1 million at the casino), to place a late wager, she and other dealers came to her defense by stating that casinos often acquiesce to similar requests from regular high rollers.

Her pit manager, Glen Costales, also testified on DeGiacomo’s behalf. “All men are created equal except in the casino,” Costales told the tribal gaming commission. “If it’s a premium player, he gets away with a lot more than the five-dollar player would get away with.”

Mohegan Sun defended its right to fire DeGiacomo and other dealers involved in the case, asserting that they do not tolerate any breach of the rules, but Shane Kaufman, a dealer himself and VP for the Las Vegas Branch of Transport Workers Union, which represents thousands of casino dealers across the US, says otherwise.

“The casinos pretend they have rules that are set in stone, like going into a bank or dealing with a police station,” said Kaufman. “Are they supposed to allow late bets? Absolutely not. Do they do it all the time?” he questioned, answering affirmatively, “All the time.

“The abuse, the screaming, the cheating, the sexual harassment. Throwing things around,” Kaufman argued. “It’s worse all the time.”

DeGiacomo’s case is still pending.


No more Blackjack or Baccarat at Seminole Hard Rock, Tribe seeks Litigation

No more Blackjack or Baccarat at Seminole Hard Rock, Tribe seeks Litigation

Take a close look, and you’ll find there’s a lot that needs fixing in Florida’s gambling industry. Greyhounds are needlessly perishing, pari-mutuels are exorbitantly taxed, and the State Legislature is so focused on the 2016 election year that no one wants to spearhead a movement to fix it. The end result was the expiration of the Seminoles’ State Gambling Compact that permitted banked table games like blackjack and baccarat.

Tabl Games Live BlackjackFor the last five years, the Seminole Tribe has had exclusive rights to host live banked table games in the state. In exchange, the tribe has been delivering revenue share to Florida’s coffers. The deal helped produce $ 2.1 billion for the Seminoles last year, equating to about $ 130 million for the state.

Renegotiations were going strong earlier this year, but stalled when legislation to authorize Las Vegas-style destination gambling was introduced. That measure suffered a quick and painless death, but Gov. Rick Scott failed to show any interest in renegotiating the tribe’s compact henceforth.

As of July 31, the tribe has been given 90 days to remove all live table games from its casinos, including the Seminole Hard Rock Casinos in Tampa and Hollywood, among others. But whether they intend to do so is another matter—a legal matter, in fact.

The Florida tribe has already sought litigation against the state. According to Tribal Chairman Jim Billie, Florida already breached the contract by allowing electronic blackjack games at some of its racinos. Billie argues that the electronic versions look, feel and play exactly like the variety that’s supposed to be exclusively offered at their casinos.

According to state law, electronic table games are defined as ‘slot machines’ because they are powered by a random number generator. But if the courts find these machines to be the same as live banked table games, it would give the tribe the right to continue offering live blackjack without paying shared revenue to the state.

Mediation could resolve the issue to everyone’s benefit, but the timing must be precise. Legislators are on summer break, but will return in the fall, before the 90 days is up. When that time comes, they can either face lengthy litigation in federal court wherein the tribe may just win the right to present live table games without delivering a single penny to the state, or they can negotiate a new compact acquiesce to the needs of all.

The Seminoles have already shown good faith by escrowing the revenue share that would normally be paid to Florida’s state and local governments. The tribe has no desire to cease operating blackjack tables, and would certainly be willing to continue paying for them; possibly at a higher rate than before—something the state could surely use—so long as a few other needs are met along the way.

The tribe would love to begin hosting roulette and craps tables, and may look to swing the opening of a new casino in Fort Peirce into the negotiations as well.

Florida has collected over $ 1 billion from the tribal gaming compact since it went into effect in 2010, giving them every reason to want to work with the tribe to come to an agreement; sooner rather than later.

It’s impossible to think that both parties will get everything they want, but with elections coming up next year, appeasing the taxpayers is just as important, if not more so. And the last thing taxpayers want is to fund yet another long-term court battle due to the senseless wrangling of state lawmakers.


Kudos to Lucky Club Casino for bringing Daily $1 Blackjack Games back to Las Vegas

Kudos to Lucky Club Casino for bringing Daily $1 Blackjack Games back to Las Vegas

Those of you who are old enough may remember the days when Las Vegas was a blackjack player’s delight. Low stakes, affable rules and single-decks were the norm, giving gamblers every reason to visit the casinos and reap the rewards of strategic gameplay. Sadly, those days are long gone, but Lucky Club Casino is doing its best to bring them back.

$ 1 Blackack Games at Lucky Club Las Vegas$ 1 blackjack minimums are virtually unheard of in this day and age (unless you play online). Up until a few months ago, $ 1 games could still be found regularly at The Riviera, located on the Strip south of Las Vegas in Winchester, NV. But those stakes died along with the establishment when its doors were officially closed for the last time on May 4, 2015.

Fast forward three months, and we find Lucky Club in North Las Vegas is bringing the tradition back to the felt. Located at 3227 Civic Center Drive, the Lucky Club Hotel & Casino has just introduced daily $ 1 blackjack games, making it the only gambling establishment in the valley with such alluring minimums for casual gamblers. They aren’t always available 24/7, but afternoon and evening hours are almost a guarantee.

While these games aren’t the single-deck variety, their 3:2 payouts and double-deck nature are invaluable to patrons who want to extend the longevity and profitability of their bankroll.

If you were hoping for a genuine ‘Vegas Strip’ experience, Lucky Club Hotel & Casino won’t provide it. This isn’t a large establishment. There are no vibrant, flashing neon signs pointing to its existence among a sea of equivalent options. The casino floor does not span the acreage of a typical horse ranch in Montana, nor does its hotel soar into the clouds. But there’s no lack for cost-effective comfort, either.

Lucky Club Hotel North Las VegasLucky Club is equipped with 118 guest rooms that are spacious, clean and adequately outfitted with amenities like 24/7 room service, free premium cable and free WiFi. A recent $ 5 million renovation delivered all new, contemporary furnishings and bedding to the rooms, and they even accommodate pets at no extra charge. Depending on the size of your party, you can get all this for as low as $ 35/night.

Unlike many of the cheap destinations in and around Las Vegas, Lucky Club isn’t located in an unsavory neighborhood with a shadowy parking lot. In fact, the three most common praises for the hotel from past guests relate to a high safety rating, convenient parking (6 acre lot) and close proximity to Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip (approx. 10 minutes).

I’ve known plenty of gamblers who were willing to pay higher prices for less affable accommodations just to get their hands on decent, low-stake blackjack tables. The El Cortez in Downtown is a good example, known for its outdated rooms and excessive noise (and a cheap prime rib dinner). But while the stakes are relatively low compared to Strip casinos, you won’t find daily $ 1 blackjack tables there anymore.

Lucky Club also dishes up some excellent food at Lucy’s Bar & Grill. Their ‘Steak & Shrimp’ or ‘Steak & Lobster’ dinners are delicious and easily affordable at just $ 9.99 each, 7 days a week, and if you happen to be a guest of the Lucky Club hotel, you’ll get an additional 10% on all purchases at the restaurant.

To sum it up, if you’re coming to Vegas for a raucous party with all the bling and late-night club experiences, save up your cash and head for the Strip. But if its $ 1 blackjack tables, comfort and affordability you desire, Lucky Club in North Las Vegas is all you need.


Pirate 21: The most unique blackjack game you’ve never played

Pirate 21: The most unique blackjack game you’ve never played

In the days of internet casinos, blackjack came in just a few basic forms. The rules differ slightly from table to table. Single- and double-deck games were common. Side bets were a rare find. With the advent of online gambling to the introduction of numerous rule sets and a plethora of side bets, including a unique game known as Pirate 21 .

Pirate 21 Blackjack this blackjack variant is not really new, but it’s not exactly often not. According to my research, which first appeared over a decade ago, when a now extinct software company with the name of the Diamond Games launched in 2004. More recently, it was reintroduced by leading game developer Betsoft .

I can not say whether the rules of the Pirate 21 identical between the two marks, because I never played the original, but it is remarkably similar to a more common variant known as Spanish 21 , particularly when comparing the different ways to win a hand, and that is for the optional side bet , even comes into play.

Do not get me wrong – Pirate 21 is not going to give you a clear advantage over the house. It is a casino game, after all, and every casino game comes with a house edge, but if you’re looking for something a little different, Pirate 21 is definitely for you. In this case, a premium strategy, the house edge is about 0.76%.

How to Play Pirate 21 Blackjack

The aim of the game is no different than your standard variety of blackjack. The goal of each player is to have a hand total of 21 or as close to it as possible without busting reach. If the hand of the player is higher than the dealer, without more than 21, the player wins. However, to achieve each of the hand with a total of 21 automatically wins.

Pirate 21 is a multi-hand blackjack game, which means that a player can participate in up to three hands per game. The default minimum and maximum table limits are set at $ 1 to $ 100 per hand.

Unlike traditional blackjack, Pirate 21 uses a so-called ‘Pirate’ deck, or more generally referred to as a ‘Spanish’ deck. This means that there is no 10 in the shoe. Generally that is bad for the players, which means less natural blackjacks will be dealt with, but in this blackjack game, each totaling 21 wins automatically, whether it consists of two cards or more

following rules shall apply :.

– Player 21 always wins
– Player blackjack beats dealer blackjack
– A player may double on any number of cards
– double after split
– Re -split Aces
– double after splitting Aces
– Late surrender
– double down rescue (surrender after double)
– Dealer hits soft 17

Pirate 21 Blackjack – Base game Pay Table

Winning Hand 1: 1
3-4 Card 21 1: 1
Blackjack (two card 21) 3: 2
5 Card 21 3: 2
6 Card 21 2 1
7+ Card 21 3: 1
Mixed 6-7-8 Suits * 3: 2
7-7- 7 Mixed Suit * 3: 2
6-7-8 Same Suit * 2: 1
7-7-7 Same Suit * 2: 1
6-7-8 all spades * 3: 1
7-7-7 all spades * 3: 1
Suited 7-7-7 with a dealer
showing 7 on the deployment of $ 5- $ 24 **
$ 1,000
Suited 7-7-7 with a dealer showing 7
Bet of $ 25 + **
$ 5,000
* Does not apply if the result of Double
** does not apply due to Split

& nbsp;

21 Pirate ‘Match the Dealer “side bet

This optional side bet is paid out as one of the player’s first two cards match up card the dealer if there are too many card of a different color, the side bet pays 4: 1 , where appropriate, 9. 1 . Note that if both cards match the dealer’s up card is paid only the highest paying race.


Casino 2015?

Casino 2015?

Casino 2015

b-Bets named Casino of the year 2014

& nbsp;

b-bets casino of the year B-Beth has the election of the ‘Casino 2014 “won and left while a number of other reputable online casinos behind. One of the important points that was the deciding factor for awarding the title, is the extensive and varied range of games. The range of casino games is so diverse in b-Bets that is made of multiple casino software providers use. Not only delivers NetEnt casino games to play but Microgaming and NYX contribute to this. Furthermore, the welcome bonus and the versatile and regular supply of promotions contributed to the outcome of the election “Casino of the Year 2014 ‘

& nbsp;.

Game offerings and promotions

the game offers and promotions of b-Bets have impressed the voters who also flock have shown their preference to go to this online casino. In addition to the diverse range of games in the online casino is also to find a diverse range of casino games in the live casino where live dealers stand behind the tables drawn up. The introduction offer, where you as a player can choose which bonus you receive is unique. That also applies to all promotions that are organized in a month

& nbsp;.

Election Casino 2015

B bets the title won in 2014, but in the new year also other casinos again likely to be named Casino of the year. Preparations for the elections are already under way. There are currently several nominees can win the title in 2015. They include,, and These online casinos are the nominees so far, but the list may be further supplemented with casinos that are also eligible for the title in 2015.

& nbsp;.

Rembrandt Casino Casino Sieger ComeOn Casino

Dutch iDeal Casino

Dutch iDeal Casino

Why gamble in the Come On Casino?

Why gamble in the Come On Casino?

Why gamble at the Come On Casino?

Why gamble at the Come On Casino?

Come on Casino is an online casino for players who like to gamble at ease and relax without too many complications. As presents this online casino itself well and to answer the question “Why gamble at the Come On Casino?” The casino gives itself the answer is “Why not?” The official language is English, but in a simple form, so you as a Dutch player all the information and explanations can easily follow

& nbsp;.

Come on Casino is there for anyone who wants to take advantage of the best selection of casino games and each time again wants to experience the best gaming experience. Netent casino games supplies and you can play right from the browser. There is no need to download. The online casino is complemented by a live casino with real dealers and a mobile casino

& nbsp;.

The promotions have you as a player too much to offer, even as a new member can you immediately get acquainted with it. Sign up as a new member and receive without obligation 5 euros to gamble with. However, there is more in store if you then deposit money using one of the convenient payment options. You can pay with different types of credit cards or use a prepaid card or e-wallet

& nbsp;.

ComeOn Casino!

the customer service is very helpful and easy to Come on Casino is that you can communicate directly via chat with a representative. The helpdesk is open seven days a week. The Come On Casino is unlike other online casinos and has a friendly and open approach. Moreover, the casino reliable and safe, as are supervised by the Maltese authorities. Since the casino has a gaming license. Find out for yourself if this is for you the ideal casino to gamble and watch different look at the reviews of the other online casinos that we have reviewed.

Dutch iDeal Casino

Dutch iDeal Casino

How do you get the majority opinion of Blackjack Strategy Books

How do you get the majority opinion of Blackjack Strategy Books

If you ever casino gambling section of your local bookstore have browsed, you’ve probably noticed that the Most of the texts focus on blackjack . That’s because blackjack is a game in the casino that players have the opportunity to turn in their favor, depending on the rules and pay table of the game. But learning to do that is much easier said than done.

Of the thousands and thousands of people who have read multiple blackjack strategy book , only a few of them are able to use that knowledge to a consistent win rate to settle at the tables. In part, can be attributed to the dedication and mathematical aptitude of the player, but the information you get from these books can also be a big impact on your success.

Get the most out of Blackjack Strategy Books A good blackjack player who has been raking in money from the casinos since the 1960s (but prefers anonymous for obvious remain issues) described his experiences with blackjack guides as one of the major research and comparison . He said he read dozens of blackjack books, all written by professional players full of worthy knowledge, but he does not put too much stock in all their advice.

In fact, he said that the best way to go about increasing your skills in blackjack is felt to compare the opinions that you read before hitting the tables . You have to put a lot of work, so aside to spend some time with your research. First, you want to select some good titles that are still applicable to today’s blackjack games.

Edward O. Thorp’s Beat The Dealer (1962) can ever be written one of the most famous guides, but the text is outdated. No longer will you find a casino that engages single or double deck games all the way down the shoe. Instead, you want texts that are still equal to meet the rules of today, such as Professional Blackjack By Stanford Wong, Radical Blackjack by Arnold Snyder, or published in the 21 th century by a real pro.

Now grab a pen and paper and get to read. Note the strategies and card counting techniques you encounter most often. Chances are, if there are many pros successfully used the same technique, you must master it as well.

Also any techniques not listed in several books. If some particular piece of advice sounds good, but is not shared by a different professional blackjack players and authors, there is a good chance that one reason is never past the first publication (ie it is not good).

Most importantly, practice, practice, practice If you’re not at the casino, you can practice at home. Take 4 or more decks of cards and a good shuffling device, and practice counting down. If you have friends who play, invite them over to play and practice with you.

Another good option is to download an app blackjack training . There are plenty of free ones out there (as well as pay-to-use apps) that will help to integrate learning basic strategy and counting the cards. Most will allow you to set your own rules, which is a big plus if you know what games you’ll be playing in the casino.

If you’re serious about being a pro blackjack player you are, you can never let your skills get rusty, either. If you can not hit the casinos for a few weeks, make sure you are still in a lot of practice in the meantime. Isaac Newton said it best: An object in motion remains in motion