Golden Tiger Casino

Golden Tiger Casino

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Golden Tiger Casino has been online for some time, and it is known as one of the better online casinos where players can enjoy a wide range of games and a lot of other benefits. Golden Tiger Casino offers their services to customers in various license areas. We have often heard that the Golden Tiger Casino is famous for their large range of different games, their eCogra certification, and the large and efficient payment system.

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Ee n Microgaming casino

Golden Tiger Casino is powered by Microgaming. This makes it possible for Golden Tiger Casino to offer hundreds of different games at their range. The casino offers both an excellent web and mobile platform for players. In addition, to obtain a downloadable version of Golden Tiger Casino so that the games can actually be stored on the computer.

Games Online

Many different s ear at games

If you are a blackjack player you then there are a lot of options to choose from at the Golden Tiger Casino. This includes the European and the Classic version. Also Blackjack variants like Double Exposure, Pontoon, Spanish 21 and Super Fun 21 are available at Golden Tiger Casino.

In addition, Golden Tiger Casino has a huge range of different video poker games available. It is obvious that when you start playing at this casino, you will not get bored right.

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Slots Workwear

Slots are the based on Golden Tiger Casino

Slots are the main focus of Golden Tiger Casino, and the huge range of Microgaming allows players to try their luck in a lot of different games. The casino also offers several progressive jackpots. This allows players the chance to try big prizes of slots like Mega Moolah and King win Cashalot.

Casino Rewards Workwear

Regular customers program

Golden Tiger has a Casino Rewards program where the casino points to know the money wagered in the casino. Then these points can be converted into REAL money. This money can then at the casino are used by table games, slots, video poker, etc. The amount of points earned depends on the status of the player, this status will change depending on how much you play at Golden Tiger Casino.

Theme Workwear

A clear style

While Golden Tiger Casino certainly no beauty prizes will hold for the casino itself, it is obvious that the style of Golden Tiger Casino is indeed fun. Oriental theme is clearly represented and we have never had the idea that the casino might not be modern or innovative. The colors also spoke to us highly.

Serve Workwear

No problems with players

over the years, Golden Tiger Casino proved to be a reliable operator, and there are no known issues regarding how the casino their players dealt with.

I s actually recommend the casino? Books

Golden Tiger Casino will give definitely a ‘recommended’ status because of her integrity and customer support. Normally we support only the best Internet casinos that we personally trust, and we are proud to say that we fully support the concept of Golden Tiger Casino.

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Mr Green

Mr Green

Mr Green Casino has something that very few casinos are able to achieve, it has a unique atmosphere and offers something significantly different about other online casinos. In the online casino market there are many casinos that use the same software and what have all those casinos to stand out are the bonuses for playing online slots. Variation of gambling, customer service and reliability of paying its strengths to stand out from competitors. It is sometimes difficult to quantify and marketing campaigns that add little if anything to the player experience will change. Mr Green Casino manages to give punters what they want and this is one of the greatest assets.

Mr Green Casino aims to entertain, and it succeeds 100% in delivering this objective. Other casinos focus on how much you can win, replicating a regular casino feel and similar looks, but very few casinos like Mr. Green focused on an entertaining slot experience. This is supported by its unique interface, presentation, and all aspects of the Mr Green experience. Also supported by their humor, interesting facts to see when you try it Goort range of games, and also inform the choice of games that they have available on the site. They are a no-download casino which means that it takes no time to the site to try out their games and experience if it is required.

Mr Green Casino has mainly NetEnt software, but it contains also some of the best online slots games with a range of other software developers including Microgaming and IGT. Their offer is very NetEnt heavy, but it also has some of the most popular and innovative games are different software platforms, so you popualire slots such as Thunderstruck II, Star Trek Against All Odds and Megadeth also can count up the offer. In short, they get some of the most entertaining slot machines across a range of different platforms at your fingertips, so you can spend your time with a variety of slot machines and thereby ensure the most rewarding experience.

We, love the NetEnt platform. It has great graphics and a great interface. It’s a no-download casino that really goes to the extreme to create a rewarding player experience. Other casino software companies tend to trust the big brand names with comic characters, TV games and movies for inspiration for their games, but NetEnt focuses on actually creating interesting themes and individual slots. This is actually called innovation and provides a quality player experience. Awarded to the best slots software platform in 2011, underline how far they have come, and their dedication to providing a first class player experience. On the other hand casinos which offer only NetEnt games do not have the breadth of choice offered by some of the larger software companies and Mr. Green casino gets a good balance by providing the variation NetEnt gambling, but also providing games other providers significantly broaden and add to the diversity of their offerings.

When it comes to first deposit bonuses with Mr Green casino offers something better terms than some NetEnt casinos at this time throwing in battle, when it comes to the number of number of free spins, and allow you to withdraw your deposit before you have met the wagering requirements for the bonus in some circumstances. They take a very different approach to the bonus conditions than other sites, which offer conditions for players to study and therefore players might get confused by offering them that way. I like to know exactly where I stand with the bonus terms and I’m familiar with the type of standard terms that often appear, but I do still think that their approach is both refreshing and perfect for new players not long pieces of text should study before they can begin to gamble. They are currently offering a 100% match bonus up to 250 euros to play the bonus 35 times, with the opportunity to withdraw your bonus before the whole completion of the bonus terms and 10 free spins with it on a starburst slot game is very solid and better than what many other NetEnt supported casinos currently offer.

As a fairly new casino, they do not yet have the history and experience of many competitors but can be well assessed in terms of how reliable they are or what their commitment is in the area of ​​customer service. They seem players to take seriously the design of their site and the wide range of exciting slot games. I have also heard nothing negative about them and I’m very tempted to give them the benefit of the doubt.


Baccarat is a Spectator’s Game

Baccarat is a Spectator’s Game

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There are three main reasons why it would be wise to Baccarat consider a game spectator rather than a game of skill, technique, or even as a particularly active experience for the players. We will take a closer look below at each of these basic characteristics:

  1. Baccarat has strict rules governing the comparison of two hands ( ‘bank’ and “player”), which forms the basis of betting on the actual participants
  2. . Baccarat has always been a high-stakes game, which takes place in private VIP rooms, and therefore includes the glamor associated with high roller Society
  3. . the role of a crowd of spectators in Baccarat sometimes people can allow to switch from watching the active players in a coup, or around, the betting participants are

. Tight Rules Baccarat’s

Just like Blackjack, in some ways, Baccarat rules limiting the banker and player roles or hands, based on cards that are dealt on the basis of a standard reference called Tableau. The Tableau or ‘table’ is a collection of if / then statements about what to do if both hands have a certain value


Of the three points above, this is the biggest fundamental reason for Baccarat spectator orientation. Once started a coup of Baccarat, it’s just a matter of watching the game unfold created along with the fate of his bets on either the Bank or Player or their tie

Baccarat Tableau and Blackjack Basic strategy

Without explanation on the entire set of Baccarat rules, we can summarize the play well together by comparing the basic logic with Blackjack. These two games could even be described as immediate family within the family of casinos, if you want

Both are comparing performances between two hands, with the aim of the company! highest value of the hand (21 in Blackjack, Baccarat in 8 or 9). In Blackjack, numbered cards have face value, royal cards are worth 10 and the ace can be 1 or 11. In Baccarat, there are face value, but royal cards are worth zero and the Ace is worth 1 alone.

Like the Tableau, Blackjack has a known basic strategy that can be represented by showing a chart of possible opponent hands how to play against the dealer ( holding a card down and unseen).

Differences between Blackjack and Baccarat

The player and the dealer both games starting with 2 cards. But in Blackjack, the player can choose to withdraw until satisfied one hand high enough to beat the dealer without busting by going over 21, who loses

. Blackjack, the dealer does not else than to make the choice to the reach of a hand of 17 and then have to stop. But, in Baccarat, as a result of the smaller total for a winning hand (less than the half of 21), there is little choice in question – only one third card can be pulled

Note :. essentially all gameplay Bank and Player hands in Baccarat (dictated by the rules of the Tableau) limited, as the role of the dealer in Blackjack

another important fundamental difference between these two cards cousins ​​is the way in which the calculated hand totals: in Baccarat are added to the two cards (such as a 10 + 5), but only the last digit of the total counts (15 = 5 ). Because of that, the highest winning hand is 9, and busting is not possible

In Blackjack when two hands are the same is called a Push and. neither wins both; but in any Baccarat betting on the band of the Bank and Player will be paid 8-to-1


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A Glamourous Game for High Rollers

in principle Baccarat gameplay and odds are tipped in favor of the role and hand Bank. When a subscriber has the role of Bank (this is different in many variations Baccarat), there is a benefit, and the size of the insert is determined by this role. That in itself gives a big hint about the bias of the game in the direction of high rollers

For whatever reason, Baccarat has a history and tradition of the rich will be played! . It is usually reserved for VIP rooms, for the privacy of its customers, but also with regard to how bets and pots can get that big

. High Rollers, banks and casinos

In fact, casinos are known to make the most of their profits from Baccarat tables, while also suffered some of their biggest losing them, too.

But as Baccarat (like roulette) is mostly a game of chance, with the chance that can not be improved, and a rigid house edge, casinos know that they seek time

.? Why Did 007 Play Baccarat

If you remember, Jame. Bond and Agent 007 was charged with foiling not just ordinary criminals, but the world’s most powerful criminal minds whose evil suddenly threatened all governments (especially Britain), or even the whole world

these were the types who played Baccarat! The high profile talents of 007 and the fact that his opponents were ultra wealthy made it necessary that he not only play Baccarat as a way to fight them public, but have the means and the bankroll to participate (thanks to the United Kingdom, and a queen)

. Spectators in Baccarat

The rules of Baccarat in a number of variations make it possible for bystanders (which by definition part of the wealthy, privileged community who have access to this game should be) to join a betting coup under certain conditions

. Therefore, quite simply, not only to involve the gameplay just witnessed how the cards pan out for Bank and Player hands, Baccarat makes a direct involvement of betting spectators

. Broader Spectacle of Baccarat

For these reasons, now you can feel capable of being Baccarat entire modern history is the subject of scandal been to make the news, concerned royals and rich people in public controversy, is a figment of novels like to be played by popular films like the James Bond franchise

. Yet since baccarat is available online, anyone can try – without necessarily royalty, a tycoon or a top secret agent

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Google Glasses, not out yet but already blacklisted from casinos

Google Glasses, not out yet but already blacklisted from casinos

Google Glasses prohibited in Casinos Google’s new gadget is barely outgrown the testing phase but is already posted by the first casinos on the blacklist. The device “Google Glass” or “Google Glasses” to intimidate a gadget in the form of glasses that images can be projected, also the device is equipped with advanced shooting features.

It is primarily the recording capabilities that gives the casino bosses sleepless nights. This is not entirely without reason. Since the late nineties, the number of “roulette computers” greatly increased. These illegal devices use cameras and sensors to predict the location of the ball

. It also needs no further explanation what danger “Google Glasses” yields. A simple piece of software can indeed cause the camera and internal computer reads the roulette wheel. And that the correct figure gleaned respectively Be it projected

. There is thus something to be said for the casinos want to take any risks and that simply banning the unit offered the best solution. Just rest the question we stop there? Or must now smartphones are also presented when entering a casino

Roulette Computer

Royal Panda

Royal Panda

This may sound superficial, but my first impression of Royal Panda Casino was very positive because their website looks great and logo smart and subtle crown should imagine the face of a panda, or should correct that should be the other way? This casino is one of a seemingly endless series of new online casinos with slots from Net Entertainment and Microgaming QuickFire platform. These games are everywhere these days, and you need more than a well-designed logo for a new casino stand out from the crowd. We took a look to see how Royal Panda manages to distinguish itself from the competition.

The gaming collection of Royal Panda is very good. Microgaming QuickFire platform integrates a selection of the best gambling games developed by Microgaming in the past decade. Some of Microgaming slot machines more famous include: Playboy, Jurassic Park, Immortal Romance, Avalon and Thunderstruck II. This top slot machines are supported by fresh new titles from smaller independent developers such as Quick Spin, NextGen, Leander Games and more. Also included is a complete collection of Net Entertainment slot machines, which are vor many gamblers worldwide the best on the market today. New and popular titles include South Park, Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Jack Hammer, and Aliens. Altogether I counted more than 200 slot machines to choose from, usually 5-reel video slots, but also with some 20 three reel classic style slot machines.

There is a wide range of payment methods you can use to deposit your money in a Royal Panda account. Almost all of them credit the money directly into your account, and instantly gambling without delay. The profit payout options are not as varied although, basically consisting of Neteller, Moneybookers, reimbursement to a credit or debit card that was used to deposit and transfer. My test payment was initially withheld because it was asked for proof of identification via email. Once this was made and approved, the withdrawal of a Skrill account was paid in just over 24 hours, which is ultimately very good.

The bonus system used at Royal Panda is worth it because it is quite unique. If you deposit, you get the bonus, but if you start playing you will first play with your cash deposit. If you take a big cash prize and will you collect this same price that is possible, you will lose the bonus at the time, and your money is flush to win. I’ve seen similar systems at other online casinos, but what makes this one different, that only made bets with your cash deposit will count towards the fulfillment of the bonus conditions (35 times the bonus amount). This means that when you use the bonus amount, you can keep playing to win more bonus money, but your efforts will never go down until you deposit more money and allows online gambling. In this sense, the bonuses at Royal Panda more or less post-deployment rewards, instead of bonuses which are used for the deposit.

Royal Panda Casino has a legion of good characteristics that it can distinguish itself of online competitors. The slot selection is full of high-quality titles, and you also have the option of playing live dealer games or mobile slots games that pay with ideal being. Withdrawals are reasonably quickly once your account is verified, and the casino has a good support via email and live chat.




Slots are often the most popular games in a casino, but many people have not just a good idea how they work. In fact, some people even have no idea how these slots, and then could prevent most agree that these people are trying to use. We slots will also encourage discuss in detail and give a good explanation.

The aim of this article is therefore to explain (in detail) how a slot machine really works. Once you have a good idea of ​​the actual operation of this fruit car buddies, it’s possible that you’re stronger (or perhaps less) attracted to this type of game. Playing a slot machine is really very nice, but there is a reason that these machines are so profitable for the casino.

Slot machines use a random number generator

Earlier slots were mechanically, but they did make use of a random number generator, this really is exactly the same as what you see on a roulette wheel, a deck of cards or a pair of dice. Modern slot machines use a computer to generate random numbers, and these numbers determine the outcome of the game.

The important thing to remember is that the results are truly random. The game does not work on a cyclical basis and slot machine jackpots are not “too late”. These fruit car buddies are not suddenly hot or cold as people sometimes do with poker brands. These games are not something you can predict any more than you can predict what the next card will be when it comes to a game of cards.

A casino has the advantage over the player

The casino obviously has an advantage over the player. This is true for every casino game, otherwise the casino would not make money. The casino has the advantage of using mathematics and large numbers. Any bet on any casino game offers a lower payout than the actual chance of winning.
For example, in roulette, the probability that you hit a specific number 37 to 1. But betting on a specific number only pay 35 times out. You do not have to be a smart guy to know that the casinos make money here. A slot machine works exactly the same way

It is not true that you have to win some days are more likely than others -. That’s just not true. Casinos are not able to so easily or quickly re-program the payout percentages on games. The time of day, day of week, and special events in the city at that time, this is all irrelevant to your chance to win with slot machines.

Slots usually have three reels, but five is also possible

the roller is the picture that is running on the front of the machine. It has multiple symbols on a roll, and certain combinations of symbols you win money. The less likely it is that those symbols would all get at once, the higher the payout for that combination.

Though decades these roles large metal rings, but slot machines are powered by computers is increasing just an image on your screen. Even if you have a standard slot machine, then it uses a random number generator.

It does not always have to cost money

One thing many people do not know is that you nowadays can play many free slots. Free slots games is available at online casinos, do these online casinos often give people a chance to learn the game – of course in the hope that they will eventually play for real money.

The advantage is that you can try many different free slot games this way. A few of the best free slots we’ve ever seen are – Pub Fruity, Fruit Fiesta, Fruit Salad, and Fruit Slots

Pub Fruity

Pub Fruity is the only thing you a beer fog! This slot machine is based on the classic British pub-style fruit machine, this 3 reel machine has a very substantial jackpot of 1,000 coins. It has all the atmosphere of a night out at the pub complete with barmaid and a game of darts, of course, may not be missing. Brilliant images and high quality sound effects bring the pub atmosphere to life. All the classic symbols that you would find on the slots are represented here in the pub

 Pub Fruity Play ‘Pub Fruity’ now!

Fruit Fiesta

Fruit Fiesta Get a delicious, fruity experience that will not only stimulate the mind and the wallet, but maybe you even get a little hungry. It is possible to play per spin with up to 15 coins, and each coin is worth five cents. Slot machine symbols include plums, oranges, pineapple, bars, bubbles, and sevens, this magical symbols in the correct appropriate combination ensure that you are completely rich with fruits money.

Fruit Salad

A few years ago Microgaming has some interesting and unusual slot machines under the name Fruit Salad. This is a nice set of slot machines that are made for the fans of virtual gambling that could not imagine their lives without the standard design of a slot machine and the huge profits that come with it. It is natural the same standard game but with new options and more interesting incidentals.

 fruit-salad-slots Play ‘fruit Salad’ now

Fruit Slots

playing with Fruit Slots is exactly as experienced players will be used, with only a single payline in the game. However, you will not only need to play for the traditional pub amounts – the top prize in this game is a wonderful 12,500 if you get three Fruit Salad symbols may find in a row because it really has a lot of bonuses and beyond is not difficult to understand, Fruit Slots recommended both for beginners. advanced

 Fruit Slots Play ‘Fruit Slots’ now!

Do you want to play?

If you are interested in playing slot machines, then we recommend it for a time yet the free slots games to try. When you start playing free slots, you know, in any case sure whether a particular game (or playing slot machines in general) is something that you like it or not.

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Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas

Established in 2010 and licensed in Malta, Leo Vegas Casino is relatively new, but it has quickly built up a repuatie a reliable online casino and wins more and more recognition in the online gambling world. Although also available for PC download, Casino Leo Vegas is known as “the greatest and most user-Europe’s” mobile casino. Unlike many other casinos that support mobile considered as an afterthought, Leo Vegas was founded with the idea that mobile and tablet users should be able to have a superior gaming experience. The rapid and streamlined mobile version of the online casino will work on almost any Android device. It also focuses on the Apple enthusiasts, and of course you can Leo Vegas casino for Mac download or play on your iPhone or iPad without any problems.

Leo Vegas welcomes new players by offering a welcome bonus package up to € 1,500 on your first four deposits combined. This results in the next column to clarify how the bonus structure works exactly:

FIRST deposit 200% matched up to € 100
SECOND deposit, 100% matched up to € 500
THIRD deposit, 100% matched up to € 500
FOURTH deposit of 50% coupled to € 400

the bonus amount must be wagered 35 times before you can withdraw. Your initial deposit (plus profits earned it) may be paid at any time. One thing you should know is that playing table games and video poker contributes less revenue to the bonus – 10% of the employed instead of 100% on dioe specific games. So, for example, if you bet € 100 isin blackjack, has only € 10 with sales for your current bonus.
In addition to the bonus welcome bonus package, Leo Vegas every now and then gives free money and free spins as bonus promotion away as a bonus. Free slots bonus money is just what it says. The casino gives you a certain amount of money to bet. Normally, you must wager this amount 48 times before you can withdraw it. With Free Spins, you get the chance to play one of the games for a certain amount of free spins. The amount you bet is usually predetermined and varies between promotions. Gains from free spins count as bonus money and will you be able to collect this amount, you have 35 times wagering amount.

Leo Vegas has an impressive array of more than 150 competitions, including the ever popular progressive jackpots, video slots, baccarat, blackjack, and a virtual horse race. The main part consists of modern slot machines, and casino also has a number of classic slot machines and a large selection of contemporary video slots games in their extensive library, including the most popular 3D slot games.

Mobile version casino is amazingly fast and easy to use. Read on to find out how to play at Leo Vegas is your mobile phone or tablet. Play at Leo Vegas Mobile Casino is simple:

1) Click on the Leo Vegas banner on our website and register. 2) Choose from the available games and enjoy! So it can be simple.

Leo Vegas mobile version works on iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and almost any Android device, making it easy for you to play on the website. Play now and win the Jackpot!


In 2014, online gambling with SEPA

In 2014, online gambling with SEPA

In 2014, will pay even gamble online with SEPA. Europe is moving towards a common payment market. The aim is that we will be able to pay the same way everywhere. Also online casinos will have to make place for the new payment system SEPA.

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area and includes all EU countries. Plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Monaco. The payment we all know now, iDeal will also need to be modified for this reason to implement the new standards for payments.

We will be here not notice, but companies such as online casinos, online sportsbooks and other online gambling companies will also have to adjust their payment for this. iDeal will not disappear and will continue to exist, but it is certain that SEPA payments are much easier. And this means for the online casinos just more advantage. Because then players from across Europe can pay the same way.

Online Gambling