Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all readers

First of all best wishes and a very happy New Year to all readers of our website! Not only much health and happiness in the game and wish you love, but also a year full of excitement, thrills and new online casinos! And that’s going to be sure.

Just before Christmas, the news was announced that a new online casino is to arrive. Pre-registration is already open, and this makes it very likely that casino-loving Europe is soon gained a true gem! It concerns the new casino 24Bettle: containing hidden extra casino struggle, playing in an online casino is just a bit more exciting! You can get higher levels in the world you like! Also, a lot done with social media such as facebook and twitter!

And it is precisely these latter two social media channels you may be one of the first winners of 24Bettle! Namely by you already subscribe, you can easily win 24 free spins! At the moment, Team Facebook in the lead, but that could change soon!

What should you do? Very simple: you go to the pre-registration page 24 Bettle, and you leave your details here. Then, like you, sharre you tweet you, follow you or do you all what you can think of to make big 24 Bettle with your Facebook or Twitter team! The team which is the largest when the doors open, which won the coveted 24 free spins!

24 Bettle is of course not the only casino news where we open it! For example, did you know that gambling is increasing in?

Recently it was announced that Las Vegas never before had as many visitors as last year. More than 42 million people have visited this gambling city in 2015. So you can add the new year to your bucket list: A visit to Las Vegas and visited 24 Bettle

Dutch iDeal Casino

Dutch iDeal Casino

Best online casino offers for the global audience

Best online casino offers for the global audience

The world wide web is absolutely packed, and this also applies to the online gaming scene. There are hundreds of thousands of online casinos and gambling platforms out there, and it is extremely important for a gamer to understand which rely

The first thing you must understand is that online gambling is not regulated anywhere. The most trusted online casinos are safe because they are based in countries where the local government regulates and protects online gambling. Before you sign up for an online casino, make sure to understand how the platform works. Where is it based? What are the local gaming policy?

Read online gaming communities can provide support and assistance.

Best Online Casinos Deals:

Ok, now you have found a safe and reliable online casino, the next step is the one that offers the best deals and chances to find! Many online casinos offer a “welcome bonus” for newcomers, and this can be a great way to start playing without spending a lot of your hard-earned money. You can take a look and check for the best deals and bonuses. Pricing can vary from platform to platform, so it is always better to compare. Most online casinos offer free trials. This is a great way to see if a platform is a great fit!

Online Casino Deals

How to play online casino games?

There are so many different online casino games out there, and each and every one of them has different rules and patterns. The trick is to find one that fits best to find you! Most online platforms generally offer the same games as you would expect to find in the best land-based casinos … just with a slightly different twist: you can get them directly from the comfort of your home to enjoy

in spite of the wide variety of games, they all have something in common: in order to play, you need to find an online casino and sign up! There are many different online casinos and gaming platforms on the web, you just need to a suitable seems to find you. A quick search on the web for reviews and opinions can also help. You want to make sure that you play in complete safety! To familiarize yourself with the games and get their various processes before using your real money, will have a wide range of online casinos in fact you can perform tests for free or with a “welcome bonus” depending on the platform. This is a great way to learn the dynamics and rhythm of new games without wasting your money!

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On the other articles I wrote about the online casinos that provide the best payouts and my best advice for newcomers is to read it along with this article will give you an almost complete understanding of the facts.


Why do people throw Craps

Why do people throw Craps

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Craps an intriguing gamble because of the internal and external contradictions. On the one hand, the so-called “street craps known as a kind of gamble regular programs. On the other hand, it has a formal casino version, along with a rich cultural history

Wide range of Craps Throwers

. To answer the question of why people are attracted to the game of craps in principle must differentiate between the diversity of the players as the two main forms of the game (informal, or casino-based). Now that craps is a choice in online and mobile casinos as well, there is a third option to extend its living history

. Basic Draw Craps

Here are a few of the main reasons that players enjoy throwing craps:

  • Craps is one of the simplest forms of gambling in existence, because it requires only a pair of dice
  • the game combines extreme simplicity of throwing dice with a charming complexity of the rules and betting
  • any of the results raised have historical names such as “boxcars” (6s) and “Fever Five
  • the real focus of the game is squarely on chance and probability, more than games that rely on amateur equipment such as wheels, balls and cards

Playing with Raw Chance

You may have heard of the metaphorical phrase for when something in the life of a crapshoot, “meaning that it is very risky, risky or a matter of unfavorable chance (usually with longshot odds ) is called

Despite what may seem a difficult proposition, throwing the dice in a winning way apparently attracts people during craps session who think they might have a special way with them. Dice are open, physical, functional, or even -threatening

The Bottom Line in craps

But to be honest, based on the mathematics of probability itself with craps, this is not the most favorable game for the player. Although the house edge as low as can dip 1.36%, 1.41% and 1 , 52%, for example, most types of throws to give the house a much, much higher advantage

So, it begs the question (or should ) of why players would go for shooting craps in any environment, if there is no strategy or method that the chance of winning, which could improve anyway relatively low Each roll of the dice has the same chance

Why play risk money craps – This is pretty similar to the question that Roulette..? is for players, actually even slots have a higher RTP (return to player rates)


It’s Player friendly

Both the most common” street “format (which can literally be played anywhere, inside or outside) and the fancier casinos format, a more friendly, welcoming image can then many other betting casino games to offer. .

It may be that craps has a place in casinos has passed since the just fun for many reasons Sometimes casinos classes for newcomers to off-peak hours (eg morning) even give,. Certainly if you order craps in your neighborhood or with friends in the kitchen trying tiles, you get a friendly lesson or two

Finally, as we mentioned in the beginning! , it seems clear enough that there is something very real, immediate and tangible about dealing with a dice, let alone throw. There is a simple, sensible form of satisfaction to it, as opposed to the more abstract and mathematical thrill players get into poker, for example,

. This charming simplicity, combined with the rules throws concerning different and how to turn throw run to make the people gathered craps known. for its coziness

it even has relatively more opportunities for good mood! If you are attracted to craps, all you have to do is try it at least once. Stakes can be very low, making it a safe bet for fun something new and different, not to do without an interesting social history, too

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